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Adios Pampa Mia

La Martina


Adiós Pampamia is a masculine fragrance, which is a token of a high quality and very precious tradition. La Martina has been inspired by the fashion collection 2011 and by its tradition. PAMPA, the vast and fertile Argentine plain, is usually associated with the Gaucho figure through his clothes characterised by the Poncho, with its wide ornamental Greek frets decoration. Gaucho is also a symbol of surving great vitality and rural life. All the aspects are linked to the Pampa and its inhabitants has inspired the brand to make this new fragrance, in which the past is strictly linked to the present. The perfume outer carton, dark blue coloured, is enriched by the typical decoration on the Argentine Gaucho’s Poncho. The bottle and its simplicity are the most important elements of this product and guarantee a great appeal. The fragrance has got a strong personality and inflames the soul with a desire of freedom and well-being. It evokes the colours and smell typical of the Argentine Pampa and creates as a deep atmosphere as its endless land. All the above becomes true thanks to the mix of essences used to make this fragrance pleasantly spicy and woody....