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Adios Mujer

La Martina


The new appointment for La Martina inspired to the PAMPA; that exhales fragrances of herbs, flowers and never ending spaces. The homonymous fragrance “FOR HER” translates in its image the philosophy of the BRAND, faithfully to the spirit of its creative universe. The bottle, thanks to its simplicity, is once more the leading part. Its mellow and rounded shape guarantees a great appeal. The extraordinary bright and transparent glass is enriched by a serigraphy performed thanks to a particular sand-blast technique that emphasizes the logo of the brand. The cap is made of galvanised metal wrapped by a light green leather strip with La Martina logo printed on it. The fragrance exhales a lively, modern and seductive aroma. Its green, spicy, floral and woody bouquet is a perfect blend to follow a woman in every occasions. The outer carton is coloured by delicate sandy-beige and is enriched by a vertical Greek fret that offers higher brightness and an endless sensation. This project is inspired by a basic concept: a luxurious simplicity....