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Maserati green



La Martina and Maserati linked by the same sporty passion, horses for the polo and horse power for the engines, reached an agreement to attend and sponsor the most important Polo events all around the world, as for example, the last European Championship won by the Italian team. This collaboration brings out the idea to develop a fashion and accessorize line with a double brand called “Maserati by La Martina” to be launched on the market. This line will be a limited edition and will be sold exclusively in the mono-brand shops. Among these accessorizes has been realized also a new masculine perfume. Even the perfume will be a limited edition and will be placed only in the mono-brand shops (50 all around the world) and in the most selective perfumery shops. The Eau de toilette Maserati by La Martina is a strong, sharp and selective fragrance. It is full of energy, instinctive unique and indomitable....