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Top Model



After the magazine, the interactive site, and the many derivatives, girly TopModel brand now has its first olfactory collection, inspired by three of the thirteen female characters become essential in the playground. Koto Parfums and Depesche company behind the TopModel brand has a line of three perfumes based on the trendy universe, hip hop and Candy girly tops, Talita and Hayden. Candy modern princess presents gourmet fragrance "TopModel My Dream" with raspberry scents, cotton candy and caramelized sugar, while the dancer hip-hop Talita favors granita notes of peach and jasmine with the perfume " TopModel Let's Dance ". Ultimate essence of this first collection: "TopModel So Girly", dedicated to the ethnic chic Hayden, which contains scents of orange, mango pulp and nectarine. Dedicated to little girls aged 6-12, these three colognes are presented in cartons bearing the image of each character....