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Avant Le Jour

Jean Sandra Rance


The invigorating top notes of Egyptian Mint and Violet Absolute are supported by intense and enveloping Oriental fragrances. A cheerful note of Pomegranate provides a touch of liveliness to the sensuous powerful notes of Jasmine, Gajac and Iris Concrete. Spicy warm Vanilla Bourbon and Yemen Frankincense create a lively and exciting atmosphere to which the musk and woods give body and life. The fragrance is conducive to total love - both bodily and spiritual - and bewitching captivating passion. At sunrise the sky turns pink in the East, the colour of full love, and the air lights up. This perfume is a simphony to love, and expresses its sweetness and strength. The gems are the colour of the dawn sky, when the night is not yet over, and when lovers are about to fall asleep after tender embraces and long hours spent whispering words of love to each other and revealing the secrets of their hearts....