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Jasmin Du Malabar

Jean Sandra Rance


The scent of jasmine is intense, full and enchanting: the essence of love. Jasmine is called the king of essential oils, and rose is the queen. Malabar is the region of India where this plant is indigenous. Only a master perfumer, like Jeanne Sandra, knows the subtle differences between the diverse varieties of jasmine, and knows how to combine them in sublime harmony. First we find ethereal, mild, but persistent, Grasse jasmine. It is a scent of refined elegance that takes us into a state of sweet pleasure. Then comes Madurai jasmine absolute, which unites grace with intensity. Its warm aphrodisiac tones take us to India to discover the secrets of the ancient art of love in that country. It is extremely sensuous and induces you to live your passions freely and indulge in them. After that comes mysterious and profound Arabian jasmine, with tones of musk and spices. Its intensity overwhelms us in a crescendo of emotions. This symphony of flowers is complemented by warm sweet mimosa absolute, with woody notes. This is contrasted by the light, fresh, gently caressing tones of Bergamot and orange blossom. The blue evokes oriental skies, so intense and deep in colour....