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Press De Toi

Jean Sandra Rance


The promise of long evenings together under Oriental stars surrounded by scents that appeal to the heart. The desire for an unforgettable journey, and nights where words are interrupted by long silences. An intense deep relationship between two souls and two bodies. Oriental fragrances are a living part of this promise that saturate both words and gestures. Près de Toi, is close to you, under the clear black sky and bright Oriental stars, which throb like your heart. Your desire is strong and the promise is total. Orange blossom and tangerine introduce the joys of love, Bulgarian rose enchants and stupefies, and jasmine brings tenderness and passion. You scent the penetrating fragrance of patchouli, the sweetness of vanilla and the intensity of agarwood in Arabian gardens. The red of the gems symbolizes the ardour of passionate requited love....